Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus for Windows 10


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Pinnacle Studio 16 is all you need for home video editing. Easy to use, intuitive tools for convenient downloading to a PC, edit, add subtitles, music, commentary and special effects and then rip the tape, or to establish a professional-looking DVD / VCD. Advanced video editing: * Capture and edit video in widescreen format (16:9) or standard (4:3) * Capture and edit digital video from any source DV (DV, Digital8 or MicroDV) - FireWire controller required * to capture and edit analog video recorded 8mm tape, VHS, SVHS, VHS-C or SVHS-C - required installed on the system card for the I / O analog. * Capture DV digital files directly to MPEG-2 (DVD-quality) and their subsequent editing * Import and edit files in MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 * editing with an accuracy of 1 frame * full-screen preview of the video. Effects and video features: * Over 100 transitions (including 16 professional 3D effects Hollywood FX - large library containing hundreds of effects are available in the form of additional enhancements to the program) * professional Pinnacle TitleDeko subtitle editor with the ability to add effects (such as shadows, glows neon) * released / accelerated pace * special effects (such as "Old Film") and filters to improve image quality Image Stabilizer * filter * filter * Automatic color compensation filters for cleaning old video (eg from old analog tapes) with drops and noise * SmartMovie - a technology that allows Automatic installation of video based on user-defined presets * ability to use third-party effects and effects audio features: * Import soundtracks as MP3 files or directly from audio CDs * Ability to record your own narration * Ability to create your own soundtrack perfectly matched to the duration of the video by using SmartSound technology * Noise reduction filter * effect * Enhanced Stereo Surround Sound * extension of a graphic equalizer The latest version added about 1,500 new 2D/3D effects, the ability to create stereoscopic 3D movies, correcting and retouching video clips and pictures on the timeline, consisting of six tracks. Improved and accelerated import recordings and images from mobile devices. In addition, the added ability to mix Dolby Digital 5.1 and creating a disc in the Blu-ray discs.